There is more to your relationship with your horse than just riding.  Master clinician Josh Guin teaches riders of ages how to strengthen bond between rider and horse through comprehensive hands-on horsemanship clinics and trail preparation courses.

Trail Obstacle Clinics
This clinic is designed to get horse and rider familiar with the many unusual things one can encounter on the trails.  An exercise in desensitization and trust, riders will leave this clinic with a better understanding of the best ways to motivate his horse to manage things like bridges, poles, teeter totters, tarps and more.

Horsemanship Clinics
Being a good horseman means knowing how to understand, control and connect with your horse.  This clinic teaches riders practical skills that will better train the horse, the horseman and ensure a solid bond between both. Josh teaches both horsemanship fundamentals and advanced horsemanship for intermediate and advanced riders.

Bombproofing Clinics
A horse must believe his rider is a trusted leader whose judgment comes first in all situations, especially when the horse is unsure of what lies ahead.  These bombproofing clinics are the best way to learn how your horse views new stimuli in his world and see how he handles it.  Josh gives participant riders an understanding of what their horse will do and how to control a positive outcome for both horse and rider. This is essential for trail riders who are regularly going to new environments to ride.