At Crossroads Natural Horsemanship, we have a different approach than most ranches when it comes to riding because we believe that horseback riding is much more than sitting on a horse and learning to steer. We take a holistic approach to western based riding with a philosophy that is whole rider and whole horse based. We believe that in order to become a safe, competent rider you must first learn about horse psychology and body language, motivation and fear, and safe handling and training.

With our curriculum based horsemanship courses (the only ones in the state) you will be taught the basics like equine first aid and hoof care as well as complex horse training methods like one rein stops, sending, and pressure based movement. These tools will not only make you a safer rider, but they will give you an understanding of horses that will make riding a much more enjoyable experience.

We provide youth and adult lessons for beginner to advanced riders. Our youth (ages 5 to 11) lessons pull from the curriculum that the adults use and teach young riders important information like the six signs of horse behavior, how to tack up and horse as well as standard riding techniques. These classes are designed to build upon the student’s interest in horses and give them the necessary tools to become a confident and happy rider.

Our adult (12 and beyond) lessons have a more comprehensive and detailed curriculum based focus designed to give beginning and advanced riders the skills and knowledge to understand horse behavior, care and riding. By providing a full ranch experience through horse interaction, exploring different riding situations (not just going around in circles in a round pen), and horse psychology, riders will leave each lesson with the knowledge in how to create a horse/rider relationship based on trust, respect, unity and expectations.

Each one of us has a responsibility as horsemen to train, guide and teach our horses to be willing partners. Achieving TRUE Success means learning to truly communicate and train a well-rounded horse for the purpose of pleasure or sport.

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